Saturday, September 4, 2010

NAC: Birthday Wishes

One of our friends flew in from Utah for a week long class and it just so happened that his birthday was yesterday. We went to Beer Revolution for, you guessed it, beers and today we're going to Kris' house for a beer tasting. Since the birthday boy is also going to be there, I decided to make him a birthday card. He had mentioned earlier that he wanted me to give him some bacon but I thought that might get a little messy so I made some breakfast on a card :) I was surprised at how easy it was to throw the felt embellishments together and that was probably attributed to the fact that bacon is not perfect.. nor are eggs. I added "birthday wishes" as the sentiment since that's kinda what he wished for. So here it is..

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-Susan- said...

Darling card Stephanie...sure love what you create!