Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cooking: Omurice

It's been a while hasn't it? The main reason why I haven't been posting as much is because I've been working on Christmas gifts and cards. Already you ask? Yeah... this year's Christmas gifts require a lot of effort on my end and I better start as soon as possible. Since I can't post what I'm making, I've been somewhat MIA from my blog.

Anyway, one of Justyn's favorite foods growing up was omurice. His mom made it for him and I'm pretty sure it's one of his favorite comfort foods next to Katsudon.

We were talking about what I should make for him earlier during the week and he requested omurice. It's one of the easiest but hardest dishes to make. Easy for me because I have fried rice down. Hard because the omelet part is difficult to make if you don't have experience in making them.

We had some leftover BBQ ribs & hot link from a local BBQ place that we adore. Their ribs are hands down the BEST I've ever had. I'll make a post about it one of these days but let's focus on the omurice. I chopped up the leftover meat, parsley, green onion, yellow onion and some garlic. The night before I had cooked some rice since you should all know that day old rice is the best for making perfect fried rice. Right? Well now you know.

90% through making the fried rice I discovered I ran out of ketchup. Dammit! I absolutely hate when that happens. Super Hubby came to the rescue and immediately went out to buy some more. Once he came back I finished making the fried rice and went onto the omelet.

I did research on youtube & blogs to learn about different techniques on how to perfect the omelet so I was somewhat confident going into it. What happened next was a total downer :(

Look at this...

Anyway, there was no going back and I didn't have enough eggs to start over. Even Justyn tried his hand at it. Needless to say he was unhappy with his as well. He wouldn't even let me take pictures of it!

Here's how it all turned out. Justyn bought some premade takoyaki & my favorite Japanese salad dressing, Petrio's Shoyu which I put on some salad. The omurice tasted good, but I couldn't help looking down at the huuuge crack in my omelet. Oh well, practice makes perfect right?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Camping @ Folsom Lake

This past weekend was one of the first that Justyn and I weren't together. He went to Lemons with Erik to watch the Porcubimmer race and I decided to go camping with my sister and Dave.

The drive up to Folsom Lake wasn't too bad but we did hit traffic in 3 places which kinda sucked. Stopping off at McDonalds helped cut the drive in half though.

By the time we got to the campsite, we were ready for a beer. There's nothing better on a hot day than a cold Simpler Times. Yum!
It was too bad that the lake wasn't right where our campsite was but after a 5 minute drive, we found the lake. The highlight of the trip was getting to go on a jetski for the first time with my sister. One of the guys took us out on a 3 person jetski and since he was experienced, he took us out to the end of the lake. Who knew it was such a huge lake? The scenery was stunning and it was great being on the water traveling at high speeds. We even got to go inner(inter?)tubing. That was a blast even if I'm totally sore right now.
I didn't get to snap too many pictures because I was paranoid about getting sand or water in the camera.. but needless to say it was a good time :) Thanks to Dave for inviting us!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

One Day Like This

There's this song called One Day Like This by Elbow ( that I love. It's such a cute song and it describes our day yesterday. The weather was absolutely gorgeous in SF.

Erik & Summer took us to do what the locals do instead of the touristy stuff. Our first stop was dim sum at South Sea Seafood Village. Really good.

Our next stop was in Marin. We went for a downhill hike to the beach. Guess what? We had to walk back up! Ouch, yeah... I'm sore today from that, but it was nice to burn off breakfast.


To ensure our blood sugar didn't dip too low, we went to a gelato shop called Marco Polo. I finally had an opportunity to eat durian in gelato form. UGH!!! Do not ever try it. Trust me, it's as disgusting as everyone hypes it up to me. I almost threw up. I settled on Mocha Chip gelato to settle my stomach after that.

We went to Haight St after gelato and walked up and down the street. Justyn & Erik were hungry for some pizza so we stopped by a New York pizza shop for a slice.

After that we walked to a sultry but divey kinda bar. A couple drinks later, we ended up at Trax. I had no idea it was a gay bar but it was awesome!

For dinner we went to Suppenkuche which I've heard a lot about. Delicious Deutsch fare. We had a great time people watching and having some really good beer and beverage!

Big thanks to Erik & Summer for taking us around. I definitely had an awesome time with you guys!! Hope the hangover doesn't hurt too much hehe. Mine's kicking in right about now.