Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Weekend Debauchery

Over the weekend, I went to JTT & C's house to his birthday party. Man what a blast. This is going to be a short post because I have to run to a meeting in a couple minutes. I just wanted to thank JTT & C for their awesome hospitality and for brunch the next morning at Hobbee's. For an appetizer, I brought proscuitto wrapped asparagus. The recipe came from Dylan of ED&BM fame. The sauce really enhanced the flavor of the proscuitto & asparagus. They were devoured within the first couple of hours!

Weird Japanese Fishy Thingies

One of my friends, Timmys, recently came back from a business trip in Japan. He brought me back these weird fish packages. I believe the fish are called whitebait or something. They're dried and flavored. The green package was more neutral than the red one which was spicy and sweet with sesame seeds added. Justyn had these before and instructed me to make ochaszuke. Then the fish are sprinkled on top. I preferred the red package over the green just because it had more of a kick. Thanks Timmys!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Candy Packages

In anticipation of going to France, I've been super busy getting ready and making sure I have a list of everything I need to get done before next Thursday. Time has whipped by and soon we'll be on our way! One of the to dos on the list was to get rid of a bunch of candy I had from Halloween and use it to make cute Christmas packages for some kids of Angel's friends. I had some cellophane and Christmas bells leftover from last Christmas so all I needed was some ribbon.

Here's how it turned out. I love them, but I have no idea how I'm going to pack them without the candies getting smashed. I may just have to put them in a messenger bag that will be a carry on luggage. Hmmm...

Review: Some Ghetto Taqueria

I don't remember what this particular taqueria was called, but I sure remember the location. It's next to this strip club called Brass Rail. And when I say it's ghetto, it's GHETTO. I would've never looked twice at this place, it's so bad. However, Justyn's coworkers took him to this place (not the strip club as far as I know) and he said they served awesome sopes. Sopes are these masa balls that are formed into small flat pancake looking things. They are cooked like pancakes for a minute on each side, shaped into little pie crusts and then deep fried. Then they're topped with some refried beans, carne asada, cabbage, salsa, avacado and cheese. What's not to like? I really enjoyed these suckers but I could only handle 2. Justyn ordered some nachos which, I have to say, were the best I've had so far. You really can't judge a restaurant by it's cover (or looks). Yum!!

Cute Lady Apples

I have no idea why these are called Lady Apples, maybe because they're tiny and delicate? I don't know, but they sure are good. I expected this little thing to be uber tart and gross, but it wasn't. It was kinda funny because when I scanned it through at the self checkout at Lucky, the lady in the machine goes "...nine...cents". I think that's the cheapest thing I've ever bought. Just to show you how small this apple was, I took a picture of it next to my Spirit of Love voodoo doll keychain. Cute!