Saturday, September 4, 2010

Beer Tasting @ Kris'

It seems like we've been on a beer tasting kick lately. First we hit up The Trappist, then yesterday we went to Beer Revolution and today we went to a beer tasting at Kris' house.

I looked up some good food pairings that would go with IPAs and the most common one happened to be pork so I decided to make some pulled pork pizza rolls. The recipe from came out so well last time I had to do it again. You start by liberally seasoning a pork butt with a dry rub, sticking that in an oven with two bowls filled with water and a splash of liquid smoke at 210 degrees for 12 hours. Since we happened to get home at 11:45pm last night, it worked out perfectly the day after.

The pork was so tender, I didn't even have to work to get the bone out. I shot a short video to show how tender and falling-off-the-bone goodness it was. I then gave it a rough chop and mixed it with some Sweet Baby Ray's Original BBQ sauce and a little salt and pepper to taste.

I put the mixture in the fridge to cool until we were ready to wrap them in pizza dough. Once they were wrapped, I topped them with sliced jalapeno and some shredded sharp cheese. I wanted them to be fresh out of the oven, so I ended up baking them at Kris' house.

There were so many beers that we tried but my absolute favorite was a stout called The Abyss. Kris brought out the #1 top rated beer in the world which I didn't catch the name of but it was gooood too. The food was awesome too :)

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