Saturday, August 9, 2008

Updates Revised - Inspiration & More

I didn't like the way my update sounded, so I'm redoing it.

No, I haven't given up on blogging, but there are so much other things that I'm really getting into which takes up most of my time. Not to mention there's work. Speaking of work.. my boss totally made my day.

Boss: Hey, I'm about to make your weekend.
Me: OK, what's up?
Boss: Check your email. Thanks for the improvement and hard work.
Me: Hmm... *checking email* WOAH! Thanks!

I basically got a bonus which is awesome because now I get to go shopping! Which leads me to what I've been doing lately. One of the things that I've been getting into a lot is shopping.. yeah, you heard right.. shopping. When I was younger, I hated it. I mean I did have to buy clothing and it was more of a neccesity rather than something I enjoyed. Nowadays, I find myself going to boutiques and the mall buying up clothes that make me feel good. It's all thanks to my new favorite show called What Not to Wear. That show really got me inspired to start dressing better than the usual jeans and t-shirt. I've received lots of compliments on how I dress now which makes me feel awesome. I recently asked Justyn if he likes the way I dress and he says he felt under dressed standing next to me heh.

I think you can tell by my posts that I haven't really been cooking lately. *sigh* It must have something to do with summer. It's way too hot to be standing next to the stove or use the oven. I'm not really proficient at grilling either, so Justyn and I have been going out to eat a lot. You must be asking yourself, then where are all the restaurant reviews? I've been either lazy or too busy to update my Yelp reviews on a regular basis. Which leads me to my camera.

My SD1000 broke. Yeah... I've only had it for a short while and it's already broken. I took it to Alex's birthday thing at the beach and some sand got into the damn thing. I've already gone to a couple camera repair shops only to find that it may be better to buy a new camera. That said, I think my next camera will be the SD1100. We'll see... Justyn wants to tinker with it first.

Speaking of cameras, I've mentioned before that I now have a youtube channel on which I mostly do LPs (Let's Plays). I basically play video games and then provide post commentary. I haven't really found my "thing" that will make my videos unique, but I do have subscribers which I'm pretty stoked about. As time goes on, my videos should get better and better. Don't worry foodies. There are a couple videos in there of which I've cooked. I've made braised short ribs and Greek Pastitsio, so if you have time, check it out! (

Speaking of youtube.. I've also been watching this one chick (starofmay) who does cardmaking videos. I think she's so pretty! Her videos are also top notch, IMO. Here's one of my favorite videos of hers ( Since watching her videos, she and my friend Esther have inspired me to start card making. I have a couple birthdays in which I have to make cards for so we'll see how I do. Hopefully by then I'll have a new camera to show you the result! Or I might even make a video.

Alright, it's Friday night and I'm pretty drained so I'm gonna veg out and watch some TV, maybe play a little Mario Kart or Order Up and then pass out. Have a great weekend everyone!