Sunday, July 13, 2008

Girls Only Weekend @ Chaminade Resort

I never ever thought I would say this but I actually enjoyed a girls only weekend. It seems that Justyn and I have always been joined at the hip. We wake up, commute, lunch & dinner together. We really never have our own personal time and space. Well, we finally got the opportunity when Angel proposed that we have a girls weekend. Why not? Actually, I was not looking forward to this but...

Angel drove to Chaminade where we were staying. The drive up there seemed extremely fast compared to the other times we had been there.

What better than to have a drink when you first arrive. I do have to point out that the staff was extremely nice and welcoming. Event the valet guys said "Hello. How are you?". It doesn't seem like a big deal, but as you're walking through the place, it's nice to hear that as opposed to a crap hotel where they don't care whether you exist or not.

We took our drinks outside to relax by a fire pit (which was not on at the time cuz it was pleasantly warm). Then we walked around a bit to kill some time since our room was not ready.

Once we got to our room, the first thing we did was to put the champagne that we brought on ice. We filled the ice bucket up and unfortunately, could not shove the champagne bottle in far enough for it to chill. So, me being the booze genius, took a hand towel, dumped out the ice, put the bottle in, and then proceeded to pour the ice back into the bucket. Well, at the same time, my friend got the bright idea to throw an ice cube at me. Nuh-uh.... revenge is in order. I took the towel full of ice, and I flinged a bunch of ice at her. She was sorry, and it was hilarious as hell.

We took our champagne and French pizza snacks outside to hang out for a bit.
Then I was getting ansy that I didn't have any Diet Coke to go with my vodka. I didn't prepare and buy some beforehand because Diet Coke really isn't something that is hard to find. What I wasn't prepared for was the price markup, not only for room service, but for transportation of the goods. Damn. $20 for 4 cans of Diet Coke??? You've gotta be kididng me. My friend paid for it but the funny part was when the chick asked if she wanted change back. My friend, Angel, said yes.. until she looked at the receipt. Holy crap. Nevar again. Can you imagine paying $5 for a can of Coke? Yeah...

So after that debacle, we decided to go for a walk. We found this fountain area that eventually lead to a trail. Had we known about it earlier, we would've done that instead of sitting around at our room.

We ended up walking up a very very steep hill towards dinner. At least we worked off some calories before eating.

Linwoods was the bar & grill of the restaurant and it had an amazing view from their outdoor patio area. We started off with rosemary bread with olives and pesto. I have to note that their pesto was not only fresh made but extremely delicious as well. I let Angel eat all of the olives since I don't like them. But for bread and butter... this was amazing.

For appetizers, we started with their calamari which was not spectacularly good, but decent.

For entreees, Angel ordered the chorizo and clams. She had never had this combination before but I knew she would like the saltiness of the chorizo and she adores shellfish. I thought it was overly salty, but it was perfect for her since she likes salt. My entree was a black cod with citrus infused basmati rice and pineapple relish. It is very difficult to mix fruit with savory things so I didn't appreciate the pineapple. But, it was a light meal which I appreciated since it was a warm day. It even included baby artichoke, a couple carrots, squash and asparagus. Suprisingly, I actually ate the orange carrot. It was sweet, and did not taste like any carrot I had ever had. But the yellow carrot was disgusting. I almost spit it up.

After dinner was when things started getting crazy. This is all you get to see hah!

The most random thing was when Angel and I were about to go to sleep. We had accidentally left the screen door open. A raccoon came in and stood on it's hind legs sniffing around for food. They must have incredibly sense of smell because our room probably smelled like booze heh. Anyway, We shooed it out of our room and went outside to hang out for a bit. I decided to spike our leftover crackers with vodka and leave it out for the little rascal. It actually came back up and ate our spiked crackers but did not come back after that. Smart animal hehe. Either that or it was drunk.

I think the most memorable part of the night was swimming at the pool and meeting new people. I had a total blast, but the morning after hurt like crazy. I'm excluding a lot of detail, but that's probably for the best.

After Angel and I got ready, we were recommended by our new found friends to go to Gayle's Bakery. We had no idea how to get there but we found it by luck! Just imagine a city where you're not used to, and finding an amazing place to go to. I don't have the words to describe our luck over the weekend, but finding this bakery was a perfect coincidence. You grab a ticket and order from their multiple deli counters. Angel ordered some veggies, ribs and a croissant (since she's French). I ordered huevos rancheros which were delicious. Oh... and you can't end a weekend without some wine for brunch right? Course not..

I am absolutely exhausted... but I want to go back and I actually wish the weekend didn't end. In fact, it hasn't ended yet. Justyn and I went to Japantown for their Obon Festival. Unfortunately, I did not get any pictures since my camera is currenly br0ken. Poopy. It was a good time, albeit really hot. I was already tired from the trip and the heat did not make it any easier. Well, at least we got groceries for cold ramen, Justyn got his shaved ice with sweet red beans and condensed milk. *sigh* I'm done.... *falls asleep*