Monday, September 6, 2010

Wine Tasting @ Clos LaChance

Today Justyn and I went to Longhouse Restaurant for a late brunch followed by wine tasting at Clos LaChance. I posted about a lovely Merlot that we picked up at Trader Joe's a while back that my friend, Erica helped make. Unfortunately she wasn't working at the winery today but we went there anyway to taste some of their other wines and pick up a shipment.

We were originally wanted to go to OD's Kitchen in Downtown Gilroy but they were closed due to Labor Day so we went to Longhouse Restaurant instead. I ordered the Gilroy Garlic Omelette which had ground beef, mushrooms and of course garlic. It had SO much garlic and definitely lived up to its name. Justyn ordered the chicken fried steak which came out not quite the way we expected. Look at that gray piece of meat... yuck.

After that we went to Clos LaChance winery. These are the wines we picked up.

It was such a nice and lovely day out for a relaxing brunch and wines. :)

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