Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smoke Eaters & SJ Giants

It's been a while since Justyn and I last went out on a random week night but we got free SJ Giants tickets from his mom so we decided to take Kris & my sister to go see the game. Before the game we stopped at Smoke Eaters for dinner. Between Kris & Justyn, they got three types of the hottest wings. I tasted each of the sauce with some celery and by the end of it, my mouth was on fire. Luckily I had some soda to put out the flames. They wolfed those wings down like it was nothing. From what I've seen on Man vs. Food, these wings can get super hot so I was amazed that they ate the wings like they jellybeans. My grilled chicken (California) burger was less that spectacular. I found it bland but that might've been because I had the beginning stages of a cold.

After dinner, I met up with my sister and we sat down for an "intense" game. The SJ Giants were playing the Stockton Plots (I think). Stockton ended up scoring 3 points in the 8th inning so we left early but it was fun hanging out and bull shitting. We ended up doing that more than actually watching the game.

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