Sunday, February 28, 2010

Japan Trip: Last Day in Japan

On the day before we left Japan, my friends Bri & Yuichi wanted to take us to a gyoza stadium. Gyozas are basically minced meat dumplings. OH... MY... GOD.. hell yes... this would make for a great last night. A stadium of dumplings?? It was as how I imagined it except a little smaller. This place was basically inside of a mall near the Ikebukuro station. Wow.. they had all kinds of gyoza from traditional kinds to ones made with cheese and even ones that looked like egg rolls. Also ones from Yuichi's grandma's region.. (my favorite). They all tasted soo good. I would call this my 5th favorite meal.

You can't have dinner without dessert right? Right next door to this place was an ice cream area as well. When I say area, it was almost like a whole floor dedicated to ice cream. Needless to say, this place was pretty big. Bri, Yuichi and I decided to try out weird flavors of ice cream such as shark fin soup, natto (rotten, fermented soy beans & chicken wings).. yeah I'm not kidding when I say there were weird flavors. They even had charcoal flavored ice cream. Really? Who would eat that crap? I guess dumb adventurous Americans is all I can think of..

After gross ice cream, what better way to have more fun than with games? We played Mario Kart and I rocked it each time.

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