Sunday, February 28, 2010

Japan Trip: Going Home

It was a sad day yesterday... It was the last day we'd be in Japan and it was time for a long flight home. I felt excited to sleep in my own bed but I knew I'd miss all the delicious foods we had on our vacation. It was a bittersweet departure.

Oh... and talk about the airplane food. Ugh... yet again.. it was a disappointment. Justyn's wasn't so bad because it had rice and chicken but mine was disgusting. I'm surprised I didn't throw it back up. At least the wine was free. Needless to say, the trip back wasn't as smooth as the trip going into Japan. *sigh* Think about it... you go on vacation to escape work.. but when you come back.. you get to come back to all the messes and emails. Ugh. I think that made the meal worse than it was.

Anyway.. we had to stop off at Seattle since we didn't have a direct flight and since that was the case, we decided to take advantage of the situation. A while back, Food Network did a segment on Mario Batali's dad's restaurant called Salumi. We had already decided that we were gonna visit his deli just to see what all the hype was about. *sigh*... What can I say? We stood in line for about 10 minutes before the place opened and the sandwiches weren't even that great. My mind wasn't blown and we rented a car just to get to his place. So not worth it... but at least Batali's dad was nice and adorable. I was surprised to see him behind the cash register. Now, to give this place some credit, I did enjoy the sandwich when we got home. It actually tasted better.. but maybe that's because I was hungry and craving Japanese food again..

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy all of these posts... Tomorrow I might work on a couple cards inspired by a Vogue magazine!


The Cooking Ninja said...

Oh yes...home sweet bed. I miss my bed whenever we are away from home. Strange isn't it. :)

Sorry to hear that you had a disgusting meal on your way back. Some flight food are really not edible at all and these are made by chef. Hard to believe, isn't it.

JadedOne said...

When I travel most of the time I'm actually missing my pillow. The beds in the hotel were a little hard for my liking so yeah.. this time I was missing my bed as well :)

It's no big deal with the in flight meals. I knew they would not meet my standards for food haha.