Sunday, February 28, 2010

Japan Trip: Denny's & Okonomiyaki

Justyn had been telling me about his childhood trips to Japan with his mom and how he went to Denny's. I had to try it and you know what? It wasn't bad. I know the Denny's in the bay area sucks and I would never go there in a million years for a meal but I was in Japan.

I ordered the omrice with an ebi fry, salad and hamburg steak. Don't judge me.. I was hungry! Justyn ordered nearly the same thing except his was topped with egg and didn't have the omrice and came with corn and veggies. Before we entered the restaurant he asked me if I was sure we shouldn't turn back. Hello? It's Denny's AND we're in Japan.. of course I wanted to go in and have a great dinner.

The day before we left I was watching a local Japanese TV show where they showed okonomiyaki. It's basically a pancake stuffed with savory ingrediants. Not only did we find a place that served it, but we found a place where you can make it yourself. Score! Justyn got his with bacon whereas I had mine stuffed with bacon, shrimp, fish cake etc. I had to go all out!

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