Saturday, February 27, 2010

Japan Trip: Hanging out with Bri Again

Another kinda random post because I'm not sure when I took these...
This is what I had for breakfast one day.. from AM PM. Can you believe it? I kinda wish we had these here in the US.

We also ended up going to McDonalds for a quick snack. Justyn really wanted to try the McPork which was SO not good. It was almost like a breakfast patty with Italian dressing and sprinkled with onions. Yuck. The bacon potato pie was alright except you could tell it was really bad for you.

I think the first time we hung out with Bri and Yuichi was when these photos were taken. We went to a photobooth to get our pictures taken. Wow... the photobooths there are nothing like here. You can modify in any kind of way you like.

At some point we went to a bar with Bri to meet up with Yuichi & his friends. If I remember correctly, this was the 3rd time we were at the same bar but at a different location. Hey.. I can't turn down happy hour heh.

We also ended up visiting a nearby coffee shop which was Italian themed called Segafredo. I really enjoyed this place because you could sit and relax with a cup of coffee without feeling like you were in a chain like Starbucks. Oh yeah, they had beer & champagne too :)

Have you heard the song where they reference "whiskey drink" called Tubthumper by Chumba Wumba? Well here it is.. and it is disgusting. It tastes like fizzy whiskey.

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