Tuesday, November 3, 2009

NAC: Another Christmas Card & M's Sketch Challenge # 3

I forgot to post the Christmas card I made last night so here it is.

Here's the one I made tonight. I struggled so much with this one since I wanted to win M's Challenge on scrapbit.com. I swear I must've gone through 3 different layouts before doing away with them and winging it.

Oh yeah. So I don't really have a messy office. Well, it is messy but I only have a small part of the desk where I do my crafting. I seriously need more room. Look at the cramped conditions I'm working with. With such little space it's no wonder why it's so messy. *sigh*

I think I finally have enough Christmas cards to give out and it's not even Thanksgiving yet. I am on the ball with Christmas stuff huh?


Susan said...

Jaded..LOVE the cards. You are amazing with the string you use in your card design. I don't have that nack at all. I drool when I see what you do with it. Well what do you think of the tags on Kristina's site today??? I am so excited because I already have the die to make the tags! (Don't have to buy it Ü) *If I am bugging you too much with my comments on your blog..let me know. It has been fun conversing with you with stamping..my husband doesn't get excited with my love/addiction with stamps and or paper! If you don't want me to fill up your commemt space with my chatter...go to my blog info and you can click on my email and send me a note.

JadedOne said...

It's so easy to stitch onto cardstock. Just use a basic pattern, use your mat pack & paper piercer to make evenly spaced holes and then backstitch! Easy peasy.

I love the tags that Kristina made and I totally drooled over the stamp set. I should've added that to my recent order on Stampin Up! Grrr...

I certainly don't mind commenting back and forth with you. It's fun having such an enthusiastic reader :)

Savitri said...

luve yor card the snowman is keut hugs emma

Wow, this is adorable!!! LOVE what you did, esp. with the snowman. Got to agree with M, it is CUTE! Oooh, love your desk too and THANKS for sharing!!!

Winter said...

What a cute card! I LOVE then snowman! :)

JadedOne said...

Emma - I was inspired by you :D

Savitri & Winter - Thanks! I'm so happy you guys like this card.