Thursday, November 5, 2009

Cooking: Grilled Fish with Kabayaki Sauce

I'm very excited. Wanna know why? Today is my 3 year anniversary being married to Justyn. We made it! On top of that I get to meet Jaden from today. She recently published her very first cookbook and I'm going to see her for a book signing. I bought her cookbook yesterday and decided to make something from it.

She not only makes fantastic looking food but her recipes are easy to follow. Since she has a family of her own, some of her recipes focus on being simple enough for a weeknight meal.

Last night, Justyn picked out the Grilled Fish with Kabayaki Sauce. Kabayaki sauce is kinda like the sauce they put on grilled unagi sushi. Think this recipe is hard? No way. The sauce consists of 1/2 cup each of soy sauce & mirin and 3 tbsp of sugar. That's it! You don't even need to season the fish before you start cooking.
Here it is. Justyn immediately said "GOOD!". I asked him if he was going to tell Jaden how good it was when he meets her. He said he will heh.


Susan said...

to you and Justyn!
And here's to many more wonderful years together! Sounds like you will be eating in hog heaven with that cook book you bought. If only there was smell-a-vision with the internet! Adore the card...and hope you know you are adorable too.
Have a happy day Jaded

Susan said...

Oh my gosh...I should have waited to comment on your blog so I wouldn't be doing this twice. Take a look at this blog,, and scroll down till you see the card using the snow flake punch. Isn't it cute. Going to place my order today. Hade to share Ü

JadedOne said...

I love BNS's blog :) she rocks!

Susan said...

I had never heard of Jaden's cook book until I read your blog this morning. You have probably already seen this but I had to smile when I saw it. Going to look at this cook book in person next time I'm at a book store!

Susan said... is another idea using the snowflake punch. You may have already seen this one..had to share.