Sunday, November 1, 2009

NAC: Merry Christmas w/ Patterned Paper

I find myself regularly buying patterned paper but I rarely use it. I made it a point to start using patterned paper for this card as a challenge to myself. I have one other sketch that uses patterned paper so we'll see how that goes on the next card. I'll also stop buying patterned paper for now since I have a ton to go through :)


Susan said...

Good Monday morning! Great card Jaded! Another simple yet spectacular creation. Do you have any back ground in art?

I also have a huge collection of deco paper. I consider it a sick addiction. If I go into a scrapbooking store..I come out with more and more paper. When it is on sale...look out!!

Have a good week..have you been to Kristina Werner's site? She has a new Christmas card video clip for the next 25 days! Really fun.

JadedOne said...

Haha.. I have no background in art. I just learn from what I see on teh intarwebs.

Seriously.. some of the patterned papers out there are just too cute. I cannot help myself :) On a side note, I just put in a huge order with Stampin Up.. no patterned paper though! I'm so proud of myself.

Oh man.. don't get me started. I'm absolutely thrilled that Kristina's doing 25 days of Christmas card videos :D Her video made me go out and buy the snowflake punch.

Susan said...

How funny...I'm getting ready to submit an order myself and guess what is on the list...the snow flake punch! We should challenge each other to make something wild and crazy with it! I'll be posting some new creations on my blog on Tuesday. Stayed up way too late playing again. This could become a wonderful habit.

PS you looked beautiful on Halloween. I was dressed up as an old!!

JadedOne said...

hahhah nice! Yeah just let me know when you wanna do the challenge. I guess we would have to let each other know when we get our snowflake punches in.

Aww thanks :) I spent so much on makeup for Halloween heh.. I'm glad you liked the look!

Susan said...

Last night I stayed awake LATE into the wee hours and thought of stamping ideas. (I hate it when that happens) I was thinking about Kristina Werner - she is kinda like the Oprah of the stamping world. What ever products she uses sells out. I don't know how many times I have looked for a stamp set or some other product she has used in her clips and when I locate that item it is usually sold out! Our snow flake punch is an example...we both HAVE to have it because of Kristina. There are probably tons of others like us out there in cyber-land! (I have been looking for a triangle punch so I can make the 3-D trees like you...what is the brand?) It goes on and on and on... Ü. Later gater

JadedOne said...

Susan - Tell me about it heh. You can actually make the 3D trees without a punch by measuring out an isosceles triange. It takes a bit of time but if you don't wanna put all that effort into one tree I used the EK Success diamond punch. Just cut the diamond in half as shown in my tutorial and viola, you gotta triangle.