Sunday, October 25, 2009


Earlier this week I discovered that was doing a pumpkin carving contest.


After seeing last year's entry I immediately thought of doing a sad pumpkin crying while eating one of its own. I mentioned earlier that I had gone to the farmer's market to get ingrediants for dinner tonight. But I bet you didn't know that I would be incorporating dinner with my pumpkin carving did you?

Here's Justyn carving his pumpkin.

I ended up making a spicy thai pumpkin soup to go inside the "bowl"

I did alter the recipe by adding a couple more thai chilies and sauteed the pumpkin with the aromatics before adding the coconut milk and chicken broth. Keep in mind that if you make this recipe, be sure to blend small batches and make sure to blend well. I'm currently still chewing on a bits of lemongrass. Not pleasant at all heh. The recipe is VERY easy. Give it a try :)

PS - Here's a night time shot of our pumpkins.

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Susan said...

You guys are an inspiration! Great night photos of the pumpkins