Sunday, April 12, 2009

Aries Party

Last night we went to Jason's Aries birthday party. Every year they go to Golfland before the real debauchery goes down but this year we missed it. I totally forgot! Actually I was at home making these puppies. Jaden's SteamyKitchen blog has awesome recipes and during the week I found this recipe to make.

Her pictures trump mine by a lot but she's a professional and I'm just an amateur. I was kinda unhappy because when I tasted one, it didn't have enough filling in it. The puff pastries squares were too small and a little hard to seal. I did end making a giant one for Jason though which he liked.

Here are pictures of the party. No explaination needed.. well OK there is one thing I should explain. Apparently there was a prize to be won at Golfland but it was so hideous, nobody wanted to win. Jason ended up taking it home because while everyone was playing horribly to avoid winning the prize, he played normally and won haha! It's the pink vase thingy with a phallic looking cap. Yeah...

Jason made risotto with a mushroom bacon topping that was out of this world. Well actually he wasn't satisfied with the consistency of the risotto. I can understand where he's coming from but it was still really good. The shallot and garlic cream sauce he made was soo good. By the time everyone was finished, all the sauce was gone.

Alton Brown was at the party cooking for us too!

Oh and right now I'm eating this. Yep, leftover chicken mixture with stir-fried rice noodles. Yummm...

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