Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cooking: Meatloaf

Or meatwad as I like to call it. This is another recipe from Chef John. He posted a video yesterday ( which I found really interesting because most of the ingrediants came from Trader Joes. There's one on the way home from work! I would also kill the meatloaf craving that Justyn has had for quite some time. Perfect!

Damn, what a shitty commute that was. Normally when I'm not commuting with Justyn, I take 87 home. But because I had to stop by Trader Joe's, I took 85. Nevar again. Oh yeah, and some jackass almost backed into my car while I was driving through the parking lot. Bah... I was already in a foul mood but I quickly got my grocery shopping done. Here's what I picked up since I had the rest of the ingrediants at home:

- Ground Beef (2 lbs: 1 Kosher because they only had one pack of Angus left)
- Breadcrumbs
- Wine (hey I had a shitty commute home k?)
- Eggs
- Beef Broth
- Mirepoix
- Milk
- Potatoes
I pretty much stuck to the video instructions with exception to making mashed potatoes so here are the pictures. It turned out really good. I had to bake it for 10 minutes more to get it up to 155 degrees but it was mouth wateringly good. I didn't really like the gravy but I suspect my pan had something to do with it. When Justyn got home and tasted it, he thought I made mushroom gravy. Uhm... I didn't put any mushrooms in it? Oh and I apologize for the crappy looking plate. I really did want to make it pretty but by the time I got done cooking and plating, it was past 7:00pm. Plus I was hungry!!
Oh and this is what Justyn brought home for me. Can you say LONG stem roses? Jeez! When he came home it looked like he was carrying an entire rose bush. All that for one vase of roses heh. It was sweet of him to think of me though :)

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machete said...

Dang! I love meatloaf with what appears to be crunchy bottom. so good. haha