Wednesday, February 18, 2009

KWerner's Color Inspiration # 42

These colors were kinda springy so it threw me off because I'm used to working with very basic colors. I even had to go back to Scrapbook Island to buy the right cardstock for it. Oh yeah, I also picked up some cute new papers that you might get to see when I get a chance to work on what I'm thinking. Was that cryptic enough for you?
Anyway, here's a card I made for Ema. I had a really craptastic day and she came by to drop off some cookies she made. Chocolate chip cookies to be exact! Talk about yum. Man, I'm starting to get worried about my growing sweet tooth. First it was red velvet cupcakes, now cookies! Oh not to mention that I'm also eating an apple handpie I made tonight. Must. Stop. Eating. Sweets. *sigh*

Getting back to the card though... I'm thinking black ribbon might have been better but Lost is on right now and I don't feel like changing it.


Butternut Sage Designs said...

What a pretty card you have going this week! I thought butterflies too but did a flower instead. Funny how some cards call for a certain theme, it run true through all of Kristina's challenges!

Kari said...

Great card! Love the butterflies!! Very cute!!

Winter said...

Great job! Cute butterflies!