Saturday, February 14, 2009

Felt Heart Mobile & Pin Cushions

Man I can't believe I stayed up so late to make this thing, but once you get bitten by the inspiration bug, it's hard to wait until tomorrow to start crafting. I found this adorable mobile on a blogger's website but I can't remember who it was. (

After dinner, I asked Justyn if he could take me to Michaels to pick up supplies. All I needed was some felt (pink, brown, red & vanilla), stuffing, some embroidery twine & some needles. The rest of the supplies I already had. I think the best thing about this kind of crafting is that it is somewhat backwards compatible. I could totally use it on cards and scrapbooking.
I hated how my first heart turned out so I redid it so the "back" part of it had a more even and finished look. You'll notice in the first picture that the stitching is all kindsa wrong. I tried to salvage the felt by taking apart the stitching but it stretched out and got ugly. Luckily I bought tons of felt so I could easily start over.

Anyway, here's what I made. It's not complete yet. I want to add some buttons and actually sew on the ribbon and maybe balance out the mobile so it's not horribly lopsided.

I also decided to do something with a couple Anthropology gift card bags that I had. They're so cute that I couldn't bear to just throw them away. I made quick and easy pin cushions out of them. I simply stuffed the bags with the same stuffing in my hand stitched hearts and then tied a double knot on the top of the bag with the drawstring.
K now I'm tired so I'm gonna chillax a bit and then go to bed.

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Raily said...

These are definitely some cutesies that can help get rid of stress after so many hours of housechores/office paperworks. Nice gift idea, too. :-)