Wednesday, June 4, 2008

2008 Greek Festival

Last weekend we went to the Santa Clara Greek Festival. We were so impressed with the food last year that we decided to go back this year. Well, only for lunch since there's not much else to do but shop for trinkets and whatnot.

I was craving calamari for some reason so that's what I ordered, but I instantly regretted it remembering how good the Greek salad was last year. Plus it didn't taste like it was fresh. Justyn said it was probably frozen. Bleh.. Oh well, at least I had a glass of wine! He ordered the lamb platter which I found the meat to be a little on the dry side, but flavor wise it was spectacular. Of course, Justyn is never happy with seasoning, so he has to add more.

We weren't especially full from that so we also ordered Moussaka & some noodle casserole which I can't recall the name of. Justyn dove into the noodle casserole and devoured the first half while I was still slowly enjoying my Moussaka. We switched plates so we could try each other's and I quickly swapped back as I didn't like the noodle casserole as much as the Moussaka. You really can tell that somebody's grandma made this stuff. Sooo good.

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