Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cooking: BBQ Pork Puff Pastries

I think Tigerfish gets the hint when I tell her, her recipe for BBQ Pork Pastry is teh win! I make these everytime there's a party and they're a huge hit! Here's today's batch. I <3> my Cannon SD1000. Anyway, the reason why I'm posting this is more so my youtube subscribers can see what I made since I mentioned it in one of my videos. For those of you who care or are curious, click on the below link to see my mostly Grand Theft Auto gameplay. Be warned though, I mixed boozing and gaming together and there is foul language.


tigerfish said...

Heee heee....hooray! Hooray to BBQ Pork Puff Pastries. You must have perfected them. They look so pretty!

JadedOne said...

They're not perfect yet. In fact, it's weird because the very first time I made them, those tasted better than this last batch that I made. I'm going to have to work on getting the perfect balance between sweet and savory :)