Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Cooking: Chicken Satay Burgers (Lite)

Today, to continue my lite cooking expedition, I decided to make Chicken Satay Burgers. Yet another recipe from self.com since I was so impressed with the Shrimp Scampi. There weren't a lot of different ingrediants in this recipe so I was, again, a little skeptical. However when it came back I was amazed. I had to have a little heat with the sauce, so the only thing that deviated from the recipe was the Sriracha sauce. I served it with some blanched broccoli with a drizzle of miso based salad dressing. Really not a bad recipe and it definitely packs tons of flavor to make up for the fact that it's better and healthier for you.
Also I'm glad I have a hubby that can grill for me. It definitely made cooking even easier!

PS - Yeah I know my posts have been short lately, it's my other hobby that's taking up most of my time! Well, tonight I'm not making any new videos but I'm pooped from work so no long posts today.

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