Monday, January 14, 2008

More Feyzin Misadventures

The next day, Fabby got up early to work. Angel, Ashley and I woke up early to go return the rental car that we drove from Paris to Feyzin.

I don't remember where Justyn was, but eventually we made it back home to have Momo drive us to Lyon to see the city. We had a quick bite to eat before doing a little more shopping.

In the mall that we went to, there was a food court that incidentally had some "Chinese" food. I think you know why I put that in parantheses if you just take a look below.

Afterwards, Momo drove us to this community center with an indoor bocce ball court. Angel explained that this place was especially close to her heart because it's where her dad used to hang out all the time. I snapped a couple pictures of the locals.

I'm not sure if this was the same night, but we also went to another community center near Angel's Mama's house where a little Christmas gathering was happening.
For dinner, Angel's Mama's cousins made us dinner of mussels in tomato sauce, spaghetti and french fries. Of course, the dinner wouldn't be complete without more wine and laughs.

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