Monday, January 14, 2008

Donoho's Arrival & Mama's 1st Birthday Party

By the way, I don't know how I managed to skip this but due to my incompetentness, I had made a major snafoo when I booked the airline tickets for Angel, Ashley, Justyn and myself. Donoho had already booked his from the links and information I sent him. Since I messed up in a major kind of way, Angel and I had to scramble last minute to find a new flight. The new flight meant that we wouldn't be flying with Donoho and we'd be getting into France a couple days before him. We would also be getting to stay another 4 days after Donoho left. So anyway, based on that, we had to pick Donoho up at the airport so that's why you see him in the pictures now and not before. Make sense? OK.. Here are pictures of the night he arrived. Then I'll fast foward to Mama's 1st birthday party.
I should've taken more pictures of the place, but the French have a major obsession with cows. Overall, on the trip as a whole, we met 3 people who had cow decor all over their houses. I bought this pair of socks for Fabby while we were out shopping.

Before Donoho arrived, Momo made aperitifs for him.

More pictures of the evening and for some reason, Donoho is not pictured in either of these. I think I'm confusing the pictures again.

OK, no.. Angel's Mama didn't really turn 1. I meant, this is 1 of 2 birthday parties. Angel had me take charge of making dinner for her entire family. I was a little taken aback and stressed out due to the amount of work. Even with a simple recipe like my Asian Glazed Salmon, it was difficult to cook in a kitchen I had never worked in before. However, I did it and the responses were amazing. With a dining room filled with at least 15 people, the room was quiet for about 5 minutes when I served the salmon. That made me beam with pride.

Here are a couple pictures of the decorated table. They really did a good job for the short amount of time they had to work in.

Mama and guests arrived along with the food and drinks.

After dinner, Angel brought out a couple Christmas buches (Christmas dessert logs) and we all sang happy birthday in both English and French to her Mama.

Gifts were given and more drinks were broken out. I ended up giving Mama a microplane that I had used to make the salmon with. I hope she didn't mind hehe. It doesn't look like it :)

But wait, there's more!

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