Monday, January 14, 2008

Into Feyzin

15 minutes outside of Lyon is a little town called Feyzin (prounounced like "Huzzah" except with an F at the beginning). It took us about 4-5 hours to get there from Paris so by the time we go to Angel's brother & sister in law's place we were starving. Luckily, guess what was awaiting us?

Yep, that's right! More aperitifs. On the platter were these little circles of bread with various toppings such as caviar, pate and olive tapanade with small squares of laughing cow cheeses. Along with this, we had some drinks to start. I stayed away from the kir and pastis which I tried in Paris, but didn't care for. Instead I had some vodka and orange juice.

After aperitif, we sat at the table and enjoyed some homecooking. Angel's sister in law, Fabby, made some ground beef stuffed tomatoes and white rice. That was a really comforting meal. For wine, we had Cotes de Provence which, if I recall correctly, was fruity and not tart like most French wine.

Dinner quickly came and went as we devoured it quickly. What better way to end the evening than to have drinks with Med, Fabby, Angel and Justyn? Ashley was her normal goofy self. We had bought some fake teeth at a gas station on the way to Feyzin. That gave us all a good laugh. Again, the vodka was brought out and Momo (Med) lit a shot on fire and had Justyn clamp his palm down on it. If done right, the flake would go out and you would shoot it. Unfortunately, Justyn did this too slow or something and he burned himself. Hilarity ensues. On sidenote, Ashley was not smoking the cigar.. just posing.

Their cute kitty Matsha. I think the French word for "cat" is "sha", so the cat's name might just be Mat or something.

Fabby got pretty hammered and ended up almost throwing up so we put her to bed with a bucket.

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