Monday, January 14, 2008

Mama's Formal 60th Birthday Party

Angel was stressed out for this party. For a good part of last year, she spent a lot of time on the phone with butchers, her brother and sister in law and other people trying to organize this big party for her mom. Some things turned out well and some things didn't. As far as the food was concerned, there was no caterer. The whole family and us jumped in to rescue Angel as far as setting up the hall with decorations and party trays for food. I must've spent a good portion of the morning and afternoon helping one of the cousins, who incidentally is a chef, prep party trays. I distinctly remember stuffing some roasted baby red peppers with tuna. By the way, the tuna in France far exceeds the canned stuff we have here. It's much sweeter and flavorful.

At around 7:00pm, Justyn, Angel, Donoho, Ashley and I went back to Momo & Fabby's house to get dressed for the event. I had already dried my hair, so all I had to do was throw on my dress, stockings and boots and I was set to go. We hauled ass back to the event hall to put a few finishing touches on everything before Angel went to go pick her Mama up. It was a huge suprise. I think I saw a few tears in her eyes when everyone yelled "suprise!!". That made all our efforts worth it. Plus we got to sit at the reserved table with the family. We also got to meet the mayor of Feyzin which was pretty cool too.

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