Monday, January 14, 2008

A Local Joint

The next morning we went to a nice, quaint little bistro to have lunch. Due to the jet lag, we were never able to get up until noon or later so most of the time we skipped breakfast. I don't remember the name of this restaurant, but I loved the atmosphere of it. It was totally French.

Everyone except for Donoho ordered their lunch special which came with an aperitif (yup! again..) of salami. The entree featured a cut of beef which I wasn't familar with and fries. Donoho got their pizza which was suprisingly good. Our lunch also came with choice of dessert. Crepes or creme brulee. I opted for the crepe with Nutella.

This particular picture was especially funny. Angel was commenting on how low of a top the hostess was wearing so we decided to take a picture with her. Do you like how Justyn's eyes are wandering? Hrmmph.

Ashley and I drew on the paper tablecloth afterward. Childish I know, but it was fun hehe.

When we got back Momo and Fabby's place, guess what happened next? Yep... more debauchery. Go figure. This night was particularly memorable. Normally I'm the one who drinks to excess, but instead of doing that.. Justyn and Donoho were the ones to get wasted. I actually asked for water half way through.

I'm unsure if this was the same night, but Mama, her cousins and the rest of the family came over for dinner. We had oysters, soup and some other stuff that I don't remember and didn't take a picture of. One of my favorite things on this trip were these little crackers which were shaped like mini pizzas. Man, I should have brought some home with me!

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