Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's a White Christmas!

Yeah! To our amazement and weird coincidence, we were blessed with a White Christmas. During the trip leading up to this day, Angel kept on saying how she hoped that we'd have a White Christmas, and it actually happened!

After the prior evening all of us were really tired. Also note that the cat actually poses for pictures. That's kinda weird.

For lunch/dinner we had this weird French thing where it's like a hueg sammich and there's tons of little sammiches inside.

We also had more foie gras... urrrgh.

The main course looked much more promising with it's massive quantity of various shellfish. Let's see, there were prawns, small and big sea snails, shrimp, stuffed lobster and crab. When this was set on the table we were impressed. Angel and I dove right into the sea snails which were divine. I think that's what her and I ate for the most part. Donoho, Ashley and Justyn stuck mainly with the shrimp. Kitty had one peeled shrimp. And yes, there's a reason why I'm telling you this.

Afterward we opened up presents. Some of them were pretty out there. What's up with the hueg wine bottle in a slipper? And a soft toilet seat? Yeesh. We told Momo and Fabby not to put that toilet seat on until after we left. Apparently, we as Americans, don't appreciate sitting on mush.

Presents were unwrapped, a snowfight erupted outside and then we partied the night away. Yes, again.

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