Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Review: Some Ghetto Taqueria

I don't remember what this particular taqueria was called, but I sure remember the location. It's next to this strip club called Brass Rail. And when I say it's ghetto, it's GHETTO. I would've never looked twice at this place, it's so bad. However, Justyn's coworkers took him to this place (not the strip club as far as I know) and he said they served awesome sopes. Sopes are these masa balls that are formed into small flat pancake looking things. They are cooked like pancakes for a minute on each side, shaped into little pie crusts and then deep fried. Then they're topped with some refried beans, carne asada, cabbage, salsa, avacado and cheese. What's not to like? I really enjoyed these suckers but I could only handle 2. Justyn ordered some nachos which, I have to say, were the best I've had so far. You really can't judge a restaurant by it's cover (or looks). Yum!!

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