Saturday, November 24, 2007

Review: Thai Basil

It's the beginning of a short week for me and I'm actually writing this on Saturday which is almost the end of Thanksgiving weekend. *sigh* How did it go by so fast?! Well, on Monday, Angel and I went to Thai Basil for lunch. Justyn was on vacation so we weren't able to carpool and it absolutely sucked. At least lunch was a perk. This particular Thai Basil is on Murphy St., since they're currently tearing down everything in the shopping center next door.

Of course, Angel and I are trouble so we ordered some wine. Originally, we were going to get vodka but for some reason, the waiter told us that there was no bartender. Alrighty...

We were starving so we ordered to beef satay since Angel doesn't eat chicken. It was good except for the beef being totally tough to tear off the skewer.

Angel ordered the pad sie ew or something like that. It was the thick noodles with beef, egg and bell peppers with basil. And of course Angel's picky so she ordered it without eggs. It was still delicious I'm sure.

I ordered the pad thai which was good but a little on the greasy side. Our wine probably didn't pair well with our meals, but we didn't care. It was a good time.

We finished our wine quickly, and ordered two more glasses. However, when the bill came, they charged 4 bottles of wine. I didn't think anything of it, but Angel, thankfully caught the mistake. I'm normally very trustworthy of receipts, but $73 dollars for lunch seemed a bit high heh. Thai Basil is definitely a good spot to hit for a casual and yummy lunch.

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