Monday, November 19, 2007

A Beautiful Day in SF

Yesterday, Angel, Justyn and I went to SF to actually do touristy stuff. We bought souvenirs, walked the piers, ate and drank like crazy. The souvenirs are going to be for when we go to France and since we're staying with some of Angel's family and friends, we need to come bearing gifts.

We came out of the BART station and went directly to Pier 23 where we needed to make a pit stop for Angel. What better way to start the day than with a drink right? Justyn didn't want to go into the bar/restaurant with us, so he patiently waited outside while soaking in the view.

Justyn and Angel were both craving soup (clam chowder & lobster bisque) so we went to Nick's Lighthouse and crammed ourselves in a small booth. I also ordered lobster bisque in a bread bowl and some steamed clams that I shared with Angel. Justyn got a bowl of clam chowder with fish and chips.

After we were fueled with drink and good eats we did our souvenir shopping and then stopped off at an Irish bar called Tiernan's.

We walked around some street vendors, made more purchases and wandered back into another restaurant/bar for oyster shooters and shrimp cocktail. We sat at the bar and made idle chatter with the bartender who was making salads for the tables. Angel and I enviously eyed the fresh steamed crab and platter of oysters that they placed next to me. I was tempted to steal both plates and eat them myself.

After that, it started to get dark so we made the long journey back to the BART station and snapped some more pictures. We had to make one more stop back at Pier 23 to round out the day with one more drink before hopping back on BART home.

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Angel said...

I like the play time we got at the bart station we killed those 18 minutes really quick!!!!
It was fun, let's do it again soon :)