Sunday, November 25, 2007

Review: New China Delight

Ah yes, Castro St. Home of the foodie paradise. Well not really, but it still offers a lot of different kinds of restaurants. Prodominantly, aZn cuisine. We wanted to try out a new restaurant for lunch, so we stumbled upon New China Delight. Originally, we were leaning toward Maruichi Ramen (with the bukkake soba), but we went to NCD instead.

The restaurant was empty except for a couple of business men which wasn't a good sign, but we went in anyway. I ordered their spicy beef noodles and Justyn got their Shanghai Crispy Noodles and scallion pancake. I don't know where the picture of Justyn's dish went, but it was the standard goopey gravy over fried noodles. The noodles were the weird part. They didn't look like any other kind I had seen. But the broth and tripe made my dish. It was tender and savory with a nice spicey bite. I loved it. Even Justyn commented positively on the tripe and he doesn't even like the stuff. The portions were big too. I couldn't finish my food! I'd definitely recommend this place for another quick meal.

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