Friday, November 16, 2007

Review: Wynn's Chinese Restaurant

We must've driven past this place a total of 6 times before mustering up the courage to go in. I mean, you've seen /that/ place... a restaurant that looks so nasty, you just don't fee adventurous enough to try it out.

Well, yesterday, we finally did. The first thing we noticed was a mini menu taped to the door which was all in Chinese characters. That's a good sign of authenticity. As we pushed through the door, the second thing we noticed were the patrons. Almost everyone seated were older Chinese people. Another point awarded for seeming to be authentic.

Finally we sat down and felt comfortable with this place. We were relieved. The waiter brought us our menus and I was happy. Everything on the menu was authentic and sounded so good. Especially the congee from their $5.99 which allows you to choose what kind of congee and a side dish to go along with it. I chose the minced beef congee with XO rice rolls. My hubby got the won ton fun with beef and a side of potstickers.

We didn't have to wait long before our potstickers arrived. I could just tell that the potsticker skins were homemade. Mmmm.. they were good albeit a little lacking in the ginger department. The next thing that arrived was the XO rice rolls and congee. Holy hell, Batman. It was a huge bowl of congee fit for two people. The won ton fun came after that and was also huge. In retrospect, we should have just ordered one thing and shared. Ah well. The prices were reasonable and I didn't really feel guilty about wasting.

OK, I didn't really waste anything. I finished my congee which came with pickled turnip and green onions. I finished it!! Yeah, that's how good it was. Savory and perfect. My hubby's won tons were great too. The broth was the star. It was sweet and clear and had a very clean finish to it.

Man, just writing this up makes me want to go back there today for lunch! This place is a definite must try if you're looking for authentic Chinese food. Just ignore the outside of the restaurant heh.

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