Sunday, October 7, 2007

Review: Under the Sea

You might be able to spot some yelpers in this picture!

On Friday night we went to a Yelp meet that Walter P. set up. The meet was supposed to start at 8:00pm, but later in the thread, it said that they were meeting a half hour earlier. Luckily I caught that or we would've been late. Or so we thought. We arrived five minutes before 7:30pm and asked the hostess if there was a reservation under Walter P. She said no, so we thought that the event got cancelled. We waited 5 more minutes before sitting down at the sushi bar and looked at the menu to see what we wanted for dinner.
I used the bathroom and as soon as I walked out, I recognized the infamous Walter P. with his friend in tow. I introduced myself and pointed out where we were sitting as he grabbed a table near the window. We ordered some unagi, smoke salmon and hamachi sushi while the sushi chef made something wonderful. Scallop topped with kewpie mayonnaise on top of a California roll baked until the top was golden brown. Damn... that looked really good. Justyn had his eye on a different roll that had the word "crap" in it. That was a good laugh when we asked the chef about it. He said it was intentional. Alright. So we decided to go with the scallop California roll sushi called Baywatch since it looked so good.

Eventually a lot more yelpers arrived and since we didn't have a reservation, we pushed tables together and Justyn and I moved to the other end of the sushi bar to hang out. It turns out that Walter P. dialed the wrong number to make reservations.

Service wise, it was alright. The sushi bar was backed up with orders which is a really good sign except you get your food when the sushi chef gets to it. I think we ended up waiting almost 20 minutes before sushi got to us. I was a little bothered by that, but you really can't blame the one chef making all the sushi for the restaurant.

I was really hungry by the time our food arrived and I have to say that it was worth the wait. The hamachi was very fresh and almost melting in my mouth. In my opinion, it didn't even need soy sauce. The smoked salmon sushi was a little on the salty side, but that's to be expected. The unagi was especially delicious and had tobiko on top which was a nice garnish unlike other places that serve it. The Baywatch was what drew me to this place. It had a spicy kick to it and the scallop was expertly cooked. The kewpie mayonnaise and scallion garnish on top made this my favorite sushi ever. I loved every single bite of it.

After eating, we hung out with felow yelpers a while before going to bed and crashing.

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