Sunday, October 7, 2007

Jim's 40th!

VTRWeasel of BARF had his 40th birthday party on Saturday. I made some "Chinese Baklava" for finger food from Tigerfish's blog which turned out better than last time. Justyn helped me this time so the puff pastry dough wouldn't melt so fast. It came out perfect! Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it. I always forget to do that when things come out good.

So we took showers at around 5:30pm (yeah, it was a lazy Saturday) and took off. When we got there, I immediately had a Bombay martini with no olive and then a ginger margarita. The ginger margarita was really good. Not too sweet and balanced perfectly with the tequila. And mind you, I don't like that stuff.

V (Jim's fiance), brought out the presents for him to open. We ended up getting him a game called Last Word, which we tried playing but due to the limited amount of space it didn't work out. Drinks flew by and the last thing I remember doing was playing pool with Justyn and betting $50. I lost, but was very close to winning. Dammit!

We left shortly after that because Justyn was tired and I was ready to go. On the way home, we ended up getting pulled over. The cop smelled alchohol on me and asked if Justyn was drinking tonight. He answered no and instead of keeping my mouth shut, I said "No! I'm drunk" in that classic drunken slur. It was hilarious when I remembered the morning after.


tigerfish said...

Chinese baklava? Is it the porky pastry ? Hope your guests enjoyed it:)

JadedOne said...

Yah it's cha sui sow, but ever since someone at a previous part called it "Chinese Baklava", I've been using that to describe it. Dude, they loved it! By the time the night was over, there were only about 3-4 pieces left.