Sunday, October 7, 2007

Review: Tofu House

For Esther's birthday which isn't until the 10th, we took her out to a Korean restaurant recommended by her. She got there earlier to nab a table. A restaurant that's completely packed at 1:00pm is a great sign. This restaurant had to mess up a lot in order for me to not like it. Every table was slurping away on their boiling cauldrons of spicy soupy tofu goodness. Unfortunately, service was their downfall. We waited almost 5 full minutes before getting out silverware, another 5 minutes for water and 15 minutes before the waitress came by to take our orders. If you don't think that's a long time to wait, it is. Especially for lunchtime where most people only get an hour for lunch.

Onto the main point though. The food? It was pretty decent. I understood why most of the clientle were Koreans. I burned my tongue on the bi bim bap, but I couldn't help it. It was good. I wanted to taste Esther's dish, but I didn't want to be rude and stick my contaminated spoon in her tofu cauldron. I did try Justyn's kalbi beef which was also pretty good albeit a little on the sweet side.

We ended up having an hour an a half lunch, but it was all good. You can't beat good company and great food!


tigerfish said...

Is this the same one at Santa Clara? That Tofu House (same name) was really good and as crowded. We just always go for the spicy tofu stew.

JadedOne said...

Nope, this one's different. My friend told me that they have two. One's in Santa Clara and the other in Palo Alto.