Friday, June 22, 2007

Thanks Wandering Chopsticks!

So a few posts down, I mentioned that I won a drawing that Wandering Chopsticks did on her blog. Awesome! I was so super stoked to actually win something, let alone from a newly found foodie friend! I received the package yesterday in a brown Amazon box. What could it be???

I wanted to wait until I got home to open it so I could take pictures of it. The box was fairly heavy for it's size and I shook it to see if I could guess. Nothing. Fine, so I smelled it. At first I thought it could be mangos since WC had a bunch that she didn't know what to do with, but when I smelled it, I got star anise. She shipped me a shitload of star anise? Oh noes! That's a lot of spice to cook with. As the day went on, I started thinking of all the uses that star anise has. After two recipes, I drew blanks.

Finally! I got home and relaxed a bit, ate dinner and watched some TV. It wasn't until Justyn said "Don't you want to open your present?". I stood up and said "Oh yeah!!". I put the box on the couch and got a pocket knife to open it. I also wanted to get my camera and exicitedly asked Justyn where the camera was. He said he didn't know. Dammit. I got back to the couch and the box was missing. WTF?! Justyn hid it. Bastard ass... I found it under the coffee table, where I tried to retrieve it, but Justyn kept on kicking it so I couldn't reach it. I pretended to hit his no-no area to get him to stop which he finally did.

*Drum roll please!*

Here's what was in the box:

Let's see if I can list it all correctly:

From Left to Right: Rice paper wrappers for spring rolls, Szechuan peppercorns, star anise and sticks of cinnamon, two packets of thick rice noodles, a cafe su da (sp?) strainer, a bowl of instant spicy noodle, lily somethings (I'm gonna cheat and ask my mom what to do with these), sheets of nori, Vietnamese coffees, I don't know what the red canister is (maybe ginseng?), and Chinese rice noodles.

How'd I do WC?


Wandering Chopsticks said...

Umm, Jaded,
You do know that my original post has links to my recipes that uses all those ingredients right? So it really shouldn't be a surprise. And that red canister isn't ginseng, it's just plain old tea.

JadedOne said...

Haha oh man! I'll check it out and post the results then. Thanks! :)Sometimes I'm such a ditz heh.