Monday, June 25, 2007

Whew! What a Weekend!

Another wonderful weekend that blew by way too fast. Here's what we did:
Friday night, we went to see Shrek III after work and ate dinner at Seto Deli on Maude. Justyn ordered some veggie tempura and I had chicken yakisoba (it was really spicy and tasted like curry). After that we went home and just relaxed.
Saturday we went to infrandom's friend's house for a goodbye BBQ. He's leaving the bay area for Texas because of work, so we went over to chill and drink beers. That was pretty mellow.. Eventually, I drove to SF for Kevo's party. I'm not exactly sure why they had a party. Maybe it was to welcome their new roommate or something. They always have fun parties, but by the time Justyn and I got there, Hodaka and Jeremiah were already drunk. They were hilarious though. I ate a Korean shortrib made by the new roommate which was really tender and juicy. Normally the shortribs I eat are tough. She told me the secret was adding kiwi and soju to the marinade. That makes sense! I had a couple more drinks and partied it up with the guys until they decided they were going to a club. Justyn and I don't really like clubs so we took off.

Sunday morning Justyn woke up early to go on a newbie ride so that gave me an opportunity to sleep in even though he woke me up. I got up around 9:30am to get some breakfast and cure my massive hangover from mixing drinks the night before. Justyn came home around 1:00pm so I took a quick shower and met Donoho at Cinnabar Tasting Room for some wine. While we were driving to Cinnabar, Justyn suprised me by telling me that we were going to Evvia for dinner. YES!!!! Donoho, Justyn and I tasted some not so good wine at Cinnabar and then walked around Downtown Saratoga. It was a perfect day for walking around a nice area like that. We went to Blue Rock Shoot (I think that's what it's called) for some coffee. Well, they had coffee, I had a glass of wine. After that we spotted a wine store and did some more tastings there. After walking around, we went out separate ways. Justyn and I went home to relax before going to dinner.

Ohhh Evvia! I love this restaurant so much. I was so impressed with the lamb shank the first time we came here that I was tempted to order it again. This time, I settled on something called Katsiki Yiouvetsi which is Napa Valley goat braised with pearl onions, artichokes and feta cheese. Justyn ordered lamb chops which I'm pretty sure is what he ordered the last time we visited. I'm not even going to tell you if it was good. That's a definite given. Oh and dessert? We absolutely had to have the Galaktoboureko which is a traditional phyllo dough wrapped vanilla bean scented semolina custard with pistachio icecream. I didn't care for the icecream, but the custard wrapped with phyllo dough was heaven. I could've eaten the whole thing by myself. You guys know I hate dessert, but this is something I could eat everyday and not grow tired of it!

I took some pictures, but it was really dark in the restaurant, so they didn't come out as well as I would have liked.

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tigerfish said...

What a FULL-filling weekend ;p