Friday, June 22, 2007

Review: Totoro (Korean Tofu Restaurant)

We've eaten at Totoro before and it was good enough for a second visit. We went for lunch early last week and I ordered the same thing I had before which is the bibimbap. I seem to gravitate towards this dish a lot. What's not to like? Rice, veggies, beef and that lovely, sweet, bright red spicy chili sauce. Yum! Justyn ordered something similar to a kebob. Actually, when it arrived, that's exactly what it was. On the skewer was chicken, onion, bell peppers, shrimp and some other meat. The portions on the skewers were hueg! How was the flavor? The chicken was tender and drowned with gravy. Again.. what's not to like? I wish I had gotten his dish instead.

To be honest, I've had better Korean food, but this place isn't bad though. My only major gripe is that the tiny dishes that are normally served before the entree lacked variety. The only things we got were kimchee, beansprouts and cucumber. Yeah.. that was kinda weaksauce. Oh well!

841 Villa St.
Mountain View, CA 94041

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tigerfish said...

My fav korean rest. is Korean Tofu Hse, Santa Clara. But I just like their soon dubu (tofu stew)