Sunday, May 20, 2007


What's that about?

Yesterday, I went to Albertson's with Justyn to pick up groceries for the MotoGP race today. Let's see, we got hot dogs, potato salad, beer and chips. Justyn wanted chips and salsa and something mysterious caught my eye. A black bag of chips with no flavor listed. WTF? A bag of Doritos that said X-13D. I'm intrigued. I like Doritos. My current favorite flavor is nacho cheese. So, I grabbed a bag of it.

Today we opened it and took a taste. What the hell was this? I tasted blue cheese.

"Is this blue cheese?" I said.
"I don't know." said Justyn.
"Wait, I taste something else. Ketchup?"
"Is this cheeseburger flavored?"
"Holy crap, I think so."

So, I'm about to go online to figure out if we're right. Let's see...

OK that site didn't give any information. I guess it's up to the population to name these chips. I didn't participate but I'm sure it's gotta be cheeseburger. Let's see what Donoho says. He thinks it's some sort of chili or some Mexican dish. Justyn thinks it's cheeseburger or all the flavors combined. Yuck... These chips aren't very good, but it's fun to try and guess what it is.

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