Sunday, May 13, 2007

Day 2

I set the alarm on my phone for 5:30am, but because Juniper Westford was less than 2 miles away, I hit snooze until 6:15am. I showered, dressed and went to the lobby for a complimentary breakfast. I didn’t feel like sitting like a loner and eating breakfast so I grabbed a bagel with creamcheese to go and headed into work. On the way there, I got lost yet again and had to stop at a gas station for directions. There was a Dunkin Donuts inside so I grabbed a vanilla drip coffee which was fantastic. So much better than Starfucks. I got my directions and headed into work. I arrived at 7:15am and started working until the contractor arrived. I trained him from 9:00am to 5:30pm. The jetlag started hitting me around 4:00pm, so I told my manager I was leaving at 5:00pm. I didn’t get back to the hotel until almost 6:00pm. I stopped at Bamboo (a Chinese/Japanese restaurant) in the same parking lot as the hotel and ordered chicken chow mein and scallion pancakes.

The chow mein had a nice “wok hay” (literally meaning “wok air”). Look it up on google. It wasn’t exactly salty enough or at least I wasn’t used to the lack of salt that most Chinese places around San Jose carry in their dishes. I added some hot mustard for contrast in flavor which kicked my nasal tastebuds. I felt like I snorted a bunch of wasabi or something. The scallion pancakes were really nummy. Almost tasted as good as the first time I had them. The dipping sauce complimented it well. However, it came with a bunch of something that tasted like duck dipping sauce which was weird. I didn’t know what it was for, so I dipped my pancake into it. Before I hit Bamboo for food, I stopped by a local liquor store to pick up some wine. I needed it after a long day of nothing but training. It’s called Il Bastardo which apparently means not “bastard” but instead “full of it”. Haha… at least that’s what some random customer said at the store. It was surprisingly mild, but also flavorful. It almost had a kind of effervescent texture and smelled like a light perfume. Weird huh? I thought so too.
So I guess that’s my update for Day 2 of my trip. More to come…


tigerfish said...

Another chinese restaurant named with the word "bamboo"...haha!
The chow mien looks like spaghetti!

JadedOne said...

Hahahaha, it was pretty damn tasty though :)