Monday, April 30, 2007

Review: Oregano's

After Napa, Justyn and I knew we would be in no condition to work today so we both took the day off to recover and run much needed errands. We had lunch at Oregano's which is a pizza place that he had found on Tucked in the back of a moderately sized shopping center was where the restaurant lived. We had gotten there around 11:45am and the place was empty. Most likely we were one of the first customers for the day. That had me worried for a bit, but the descriptions of what we ordered seemed good. I had a lamb Shwarma wrap and Justyn got something called a beefy pizza.

Since it was such a nice day we deicded to eat outdoors in their patio area.

Our food arrived about 15 minutes later. Presentation wise, OK not so good. Flavor wise, it was alright. I thought my tastebuds were off since I had been wining all weekend. My wrap came off as really salty. Justyn's beefy pizza looked bland, but packed a lot of flavor. I liked it better than my wrap, so we split our lunches. The salads were nothing really special, but they tasted better than my wrap. Overall, it was a pleasant lunch. Nice and relaxing on our day off.

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