Monday, April 30, 2007

Cooking: Lemon Pepper Pasta & Chicken Kebobs

Recently inspired by Teczcape's blog about lemon lingiune, I decided to make a version of my own. I had some uncooked pasta leftover from the last time I attempted to make another pasta recipe (don't ask, it turned out horribly salty and gross). Justyn made chicken kebobs seasoned with a spice rub we bought from an Arabic store near Oregano's (where we had lunch). The pasta recipe I used was here

The recipe turned out better than I had expected. I thought it was going to be bland, but the garlic, red pepper flake, parmegano reggiano, basil and green onion made the dish pop. I also bought some new plates and a bowl from Bed Bath & Beyond because I felt that my presentation skills have been sucking. So here we go...

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