Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Funny Signage & Cold Ramen

Last week Justyn and I went to a British store in the Saratoga/Campbell area. As we're walking to the store, I spot a funny sign.

First of all, how fricken lazy do you have to be to go through the drive thru of a Baskin Robbins? And second, why is it next to a gym?? OK, even if you don't find it amusing, I do.

Last night Justyn and I had been craving a nice cool summer dish (even though it's not summer yet) which is something called cold ramen. I'm sure most of you are familiar with hot Top Ramen which is utter crap, but whatever. I still eat it. Cold ramen is basically the opposite except the noodles are fresh and the sauce/soup base is slightly sweeter. I julienned some ham, egg and cucumber to go on top of the ramen. Then I sprinkled some furikake (seaweed rice seasoning) and sauce over it. I garnished with thin strips of seaweed. Tasty and really really easy to make.

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