Monday, March 5, 2007

Review: Spice Island Cafe

Spice Island Cafe. Ohhh.... what did you do to deserve the following review? We arrived there around 12:30 since I was held up talking to my boss about issues. It was busy, but we were seated promptly. Unfortunately, our table was right next to another.. and by "right next to", I mean like 6 inches away. WTF? Why not stagger the tables so you can't hear what the other table is saying? I dunno. We ordered an appetizer of poh piah (spring rolls filled with some nasty foul tasting stuff), lamb curry, okra with shrimp paste & coconut rice. OK, I was going to type a bunch of stuff about this place but I'm just going to tell it straight. This place was horrible. The lamb was tough, the okra was bland, the coconut rice was just that. AND I paid $35 for lunch. It was expensive and not good. Bah… At least you have pictures to look at.

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