Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Review: Rosy's at the Beach

Originally Posted on 09/10/06

We just got back from Rosy's at the Beach seafood restaurant. This place is located in the downtown area of Morgan Hill. I believe Justyn was trying to take me to Willow Glen, but we couldn't find it. We drove by down Monterey St. looking for a good lunch place. Our last resort was High Life Cafe, but while parking we spotted Rosy's at the Beach.

The outdoor patio was filled so we figured we couldn't go wrong. We parked in the back parking lot and walked in. Indoors, the restaurant was empty except for a group of 6-8. We decided to sit outside. The table we chose was half in the sun so it wasn't comfortable. Luckily, a couple were leaving as we were getting there. We took their table which had an umbrella and a bigger table. Much better.. Their lunch menu was small, but I still had a hard decision ahead of me. I couldn't decide on the Seven Seas soup (cioppino) or crab cakes served with a jicama coleslaw and homemade fries. I decided on the crab cakes and wanted the cioppino for a starter. Since the cioppino was meant to be served as a main course, we decided to get the portabello mushroom bisque. Justyn ordered fish and chips which was also served with the jicama coleslaw.

The bisque arrived first and at first glance it didn't look very appetizing. It was a brownish lumpy consistency, but looks can be deceiving. It was good.. really good. The "lumps" were actually chunks of portabello mushroom which tasted like they were sauteed in butter before being added to the soup. There were also some herbs which I couldn't make out. If you ever go to this restaurant, get the bisque. Mm... I could have another bowl right about now.

Our main courses then arrived, simply garnished, nothing fancy. The crab cakes had flecks of red bell pepper, celery & carrot (blech). It was a crab cake. I didn't find anything special about it. They were served with a spicy remoulade sauce which tasted like ground up peppercorns with sour cream or somethin. Justyn traded me one of his fried fish for one of my cakes. Again, the fried fish was nothing special. I've had better at a real fish and chips place. Their potatoes on the other hand, were unique. They were cut into roughly large half moon shapes and seemed to be baked and then deep fried. They were definitely homemade although slightly bland. Nothing a little salt, pepper and malt vinegar won't fix. The jicama cole slaw was pretty good too. I'd never had jicama before and I recalled Bobby Flay describing it's texture as apple-like. The flavor was apple-like as well, but not as strong. Imagine a very bland apple.

Overall the food and service was good. I'd give this place a 7.5. It was really relaxing for a Sunday lunch outdoors.

Here's the address if any of you are curious:

Rosy's at the Beach
17320 Monterey St.
Morgan Hill, CA 95037

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