Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Review: Ohana Hawaiian BBQ

Originally Posted on 09/07/06

Today I went to Ohana Hawaiian BBQ with Timmys, his friend and Justyn. This place is located in the first part of Castro St. from Central Expwy. in Mountain View.

I've tried a couple Hawaiian BBQ places before this one and I can say that Ohana is the best I've had. The cuisine is nothing special though. We had SPAM Musubi, and Seafood & BBQ combos. The Seafood & BBQ combo had fried shrimp & fish with a choice of BBQ'ed meat. Justyn chose teriyaki chicken and I had the teriyaki beef. The combos came with two scoops of rice, macaroni salad & a side of tartar sauce. Timmys had a rice bowl with sauteed cabbage with a fried panko bread crumb crusted piece of chicken (aka Katsu). That came with a side of gravy which looked much better than what I had at Aloha Kitchen. The SPAM Musubi was much better than the stuff I've made. The SPAM & rice, besides being held together with a piece of nori, had a layer of gelatinous gravy. It tasted like cold teriyaki sauce, but the flavor was nice.

I'd give this place an 8.

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