Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Review: Rene Rose Island Restaurant

Originally Posted on 08/17/06

I just got back from lunch at Rene Rose Island Restaurant. I've probably eaten there for a total of 6 times now. I'm overdue for a review about it.

The place is located on Fair Oaks & Caliente in Sunnyvale. It's in a pretty ghetto shopping center along with a 7-11, video/porn/water/mail box store, nail salon, and a chinese restaurant at the end. Despite it's location, the inside of the restaurant is homely feeling.

The cuisine is Philipino and it's good. It's set up as a takeout place, but you can sit down and eat too. I presume the lady that served us today is the owner. She started out by asking us how much rice we wanted. Regardless of our protests, she piled the plate full of rice. We decided to get two items each. I had the pork dish I always get which is almost steak like in texture. I have a feeling that it's a stir fried dish with thinly sliced red & jalapeno peppers and onions. It tastes like peppersteak if I had to equate it to something familiar. The other dish I ordered was a stew like item which contained pork as well. It also had potatoes and green & red bell peppers. The sauce was a little greasy much like the other dishes, but I didn't mind.

Justyn also ordered a stew like item, although different to mine. I can't recall what was in it at the moment though. His second dish contained bok choi, eggplant, meat (again), and green beans. The "owner" offered us this delicious sour soup which has mustard greens & tomatoes as far as I can tell. Man, just talking about that soup makes my jaw tingle and drool.
Overall, on a scale of 1-10, I'd give this place a 7.5.

Reviewing lunch places around Sunnyvale & Downtown Mountain View isn't such a bad idea. I might keep this up!

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