Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Weekend Craziness

Originally Posted on 07/31/06

This weekend was pretty tite. Friday I knew I had to be good for Saturday's party. I ended up staying up late and drinking a bottle of wine. I chatted with sinorev from IRC which I haven't done so for about 3 years apparently! That was pretty cool chatting with some people I haven't spoken to in a while. I ended up calling it quits at around 2AM. Normally I'm asleep by 10PM, so that was a pretty good accomplishment.

Saturday, I woke up with a slight hangover. Damn you tannins (sp?)! I drank a ton of water and watched some TV. Eventually I got my lazy ass up and took a shower to get ready for the party. I packed everything I needed to bring (extra set of clothes, two towels, extra panties.. you know, the essentials). Bill came over with the infamous chicken from a meat locker in Santa Cruz.. damn that stuff is tasty. At around 3PM we left to go to OFG's house in Danville. When we got there I was a little shy and nervous which I know some of you are going to say.. WTF to. A couple beers and one seabreeze later, I was pretty social. I waited a while to get in the pool and finally it was on. I swam, raced, drank, partied like crazy. There was a bunch of naked people, but unlike at one of creech's parties, I didn't cry. Amazing huh! Everyone was really fun to hang out with. OFG & OFW are pretty good hosts considering we must've trashed their place. The part that was blurry is where I go looking for my two towels and extra set of clothes. They're nowhere to be found. Additionally, somehow I have this fatty scrape on my knee. It hurts like a mofo. Ouch.

Sunday was my recovery day. Unfortunately, I had plans to go with Timmys to the farmer's market at 11AM. He called me around 9AM to tell me he was at the fire department working. In my head I'm saying "Sweet! I can sleep in a little longer." At around 12PM he calls me again and I'm still asleep. Justyn puts the phone next to my ear so I can talk to Timmys. Way to wake a person up. I must've sounded like shit. So around 1PM we go over to Timmy's house, go to the farmer's market and decide that I'm going make risotto for dinner. The produce at the farmer's market is amazing. It's like 75 etter than what you'll find at Albertson's. Bee bought me a bouquet of miniature roses. We get green beans, garlic, peaches, plums, and homemade raisin bread. Timmys gives me some sage, basil & cucumber from the garden I helped him mill and plant. Afterwards, we went to Albertson's to get some tomatoes, aborio rice, parmesan cheese, an onion, chicken, chicken stock & white wine. I didn't start cooking till around 7PM since we had a late lunch at Hand Pull. And I don't care what any of the food network chefs say about risotto not being labor intensive, cuz it is. Although it doesn't take a lot of ingrediants to make it, standing there and stirring for about 20 minutes isn't as easy as it sounds. In the end, it was worth it though. I absolutely love risotto. I think Chef Ramsey would be pleased. Here's a picture of it:

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